Amerindian Medicine  


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 The Amerindian point of view concerning the climate  



  The climatic changes are a real danger for the inhabitants of the planet

To destroy one’s body is to destroy the Earth.

When man lives only in his head, this leads to the destruction of his body…..
and therefore of the planet.

This lack of love for one’s body and for the earth has serious consequences for
our environment.
A report made by two thousand UNO experts concerning the state of the
planet is alarming.

The earth is facing a global warming never known before. The concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached such a level that the
consequences will be dramatic if nothing is done to reduce this evolution.

The United States of America, as well as two uncontrollable countries, Russia
and China, are the greatest polluters of the planet.

This report also points out what the hidden influences are in these countries and
who in fact benefits from this loss of the Cosmic Memory.

Jean Ziegler, a Swiss writer, expresses it as follows:

“The predatory mutant is the central figure of the global capitalistic market. His
greed is the motor. He accumulates money, ruins the State, destroys nature
 and human beings.
He corrupts the agents who serve him in the communities he rules over.
He maintains around the world tax havens reserved for his sole use.
Devoted and efficient mercenaries are under the orders of the predators. These are
the arsonist firemen of the IMF, the servants of the World Bank and the World
Trade Organisation”.

The following Amerindian saying is a warning cry to all the new rulers of the world:

“Only after the last tree has been cut down,
Only after the last river has been polluted,
Only after the last fish has been taken,
Only then will you realise that money cannot be eaten”.

The Amerindian vision does not say that the destruction of the planet is inevitable.
We still have time to stop it.
Nothing is inevitable, if the different peoples of the earth wake up and work
together to put an end to their destructive actions.

The times are serious, it’s a question of man’s survival on this living spacecraft,
the Amerindians’ Mother-Earth.

I would say that we have two solutions:
- to sleep or
- to wake up.

If the inhabitants of this planet don’t do anything to prevent a cosmic catastrophe,
the Amerindian saying may come true:

“The Earth will shake itself just like a dog shakes off its fleas”.

This is the apocalyptic nightmare: earthquakes and gigantic flooding that swallows
up entire continents. All of humanity carries within its cells such apocalyptic

But an alternative does exist. We can wake up and take action.

Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren …….do not deserve to inherit an uninhabitable planet. Don’t forget, you are not alone. We are never alone.

Look how people’s behaviour can change as for example during a world soccer
match. People don’t know one another yet they all go out into the streets together
to express their joy when their team wins.
On New Year’s Eve, strangers will gather together to wait for the twelve strikes of midnight.
When the war in Iraq was declared, it triggered reactions of protest all over the
world. Everywhere people came out into the streets to demonstrate their opposition
to the war and to voice another philosophy of life.

One can well imagine a similar scene with people collectively demanding:


If the inhabitants of the planet turned against the great polluting countries, in
seven hours, everything could be dismantled.

Those who manage or work for the big European, Asian and North American
companies are prisoners of an economic, political and social system which is called
the market economy.

The God they adore is the god Profit whose two commandments are:
- the exploitation of the Earth and its inhabitants
- obedience to mutants possessed by a hunger for war: they kill and drop bombs on innocent victims. They are criminals.

I believe we should take concrete action:
- grandparents can transmit the values of love and respect for the Earth to the
younger generations.
- each individual can take action in the workplace or can change his daily habits -
we can use recycled paper, demand non-polluting public transport etc.
- we can become involved in associations who work for the protection of the