Amerindian Medicine  


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  “ Ecological disasters and human dramas have the same cause:
    man has lost touch with the heart of nature which is also his own heart”


Who is Don Marcelino ?


î Don Marcelino is a traditional Amerindian doctor, from the region of Nazca in Peru. He has been entrusted by his ancestors with the traditions of this great Amerindian civilisation.




Nazca is located on the Pacific coast south of Lima on a desert plain. The Nazca civilisation developed during a period of about one thousand years, between 300 BC and 700 AD. This great civilisation mastered the techniques of pottery making and weaving. But it is best known for the vast geometrical shapes and gigantic drawings (of the condor, humming bird, spider, monkey..) traced twelve centimetres deep into the arid soil and only visible from the air.


According to the Amerindian tradition, where Knowledge is transmitted orally from father to child and has been for several thousand years, these drawings represent cosmic calendars and also landing runways used by their ancestors, great travellers of the cosmos.

      î Don Marcelino has written four books:
    Le voyage sacré amérindien (L’Originel Charles Antoni) 2000
    La mémoire cosmique amérindienne (Louise Courteau – Quebec) 2004
La danse du condor amérindien (Louise Courteau – Quebec) 2006
                      - Les quatre arbres généalogiques (Editeur: Louise Courteau - Québec) - 2009

Available in French bookshops and on the Internet 

These three books are an excellent introduction to the Amerindian medicine that Don Marcelino practises, not to be confused with shamanism which belongs to another tradition.

The words “shaman” and “shamanism” are totally foreign to the Amerindian tradition. Originally, the shaman was a Siberian healer and shamanism was a healing practice only known in Siberia. There is a vast difference between how a healing session is carried out by a Siberian shaman and one by an Amerindian doctor.”

“The shaman is an actor; he wears a mask and costume and goes into a trance accompanied by the beating of his drum. He embodies a healing power and the patient remains passive.”

“With the Amerindian medicine, there is no performance. A dialogue takes place between the traditional Amerindian doctor and the patient is the main actor in the healing process.”

Don Marcelino is a Man of Knowledge, that is, an Amerindian wise man, one who can awaken the cosmic memory, which is man’s heritage, and he acts as an intermediary between our daily physical world and the other reality from where we come and where we’ll return after our death.


 “Men of Knowledge do not judge….
They are only here to love and to serve,
And to transmit the memory of our Ancestors”

“ Men of Knowledge
Do not have disciples.
Our Temple is Nature
And our Master is Life itself.”

A Man of Knowledge is also the caretaker of Mother Earth (Pachamama):

“Men of Knowledge take as example our Sacred Earth

   Which gives ceaselessly, renews constantly,

Gives birth and never retains anything for herself”

“The earth does not belong to man

It is man who belongs to the earth”   

Mother earth is the most sacred thing we have and it is our duty to honour and protect her from all the aggressions that she has increasingly become the victim of.

“Marvel at a bird’s beauty with its multicoloured plumage,
Or a flower’s perfume, the sigh of the wind, the splendour of dawn…
Nature’s wonders are offered by the Great Spirit for the well-being of it’s children.”


       î Don Marcelino chose to work in Europe as a mission of forgiveness: to forgive on behalf of his Ancestors for the suffering that the Indians were subjected to when the Conquistadors invaded Peru.

“I share with my brother Amerindians the tragic history of our people. But I have hope concerning the future of the Earth.
The oppressors and the oppressed will meet one day
To understand that Life is but a very fine breath
And our generous Earth is a wonderful Mother.”


The first meeting between Europeans and Amerindians about 500 years ago was a failure. The time has now come for the reuniting of the wisdom from the Amerindian tradition with that from the European tradition - in Peace, Love and Harmony. 

  î Don Marcelino invites us and helps us to rediscover within ourselves the memory of our ancestors and awakens in us our own self-healing powers. 

     There is in fact a strong similarity between the Amerindian tradition, still very alive in the Indian communities in America and the Celtic tradition which was at the origin of the European tradition and which unfortunately has long been forgotten.

      The Rainbow prophecy announced the transformation of humanity into a rainbow, a mixture of all colours and races, a synthesis of all the Knowledge of humanity:

-         the naturalness and joie de vivre of Africa

-         the wisdom of Asia

-         the love of the earth and identification with Nature of the Amerindians

      But for the puzzle of the Cosmic Memory to be complete, all the ancient traditions are waiting for the reawakening of the West to 

                 -     the knowledge of its  Druids and the techniques of its Alchemists