Amerindian Medicine  


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Don Marcelino is not practicing shamanism. He isn’t a shaman.



   Real shamanism originally is Siberian and healers are called shamans.

   The two anthropologists, Claude Lévi-Strauss (French) and Mircea Eliade (Romania
called native American tradition shamanism and its healers ” shamans”. They
assimilated Native American tradition to shamanism, but this is a misuse of
language which has nothing to do with reality. 

   It’s a mistake to call us “shamans” and to treat our tradition of “shamanism”.

   In Europe nowadays, there’s a drift of shamanism which is called “western
shamanism” or “neo-shamanism”. It’s only a white people commercial practice as for
example shamanic reiki, shamanic dance, shamanic tarot…

   These” so-called shamans” are recruited to therapists, doctors, nurses,
physicians, psychologists, medium who organize workshops which are only pastiches
of Amerindian tradition.

   From an Amerindian point of view, Whites are playing at Indians.

   Don Marcelino asked them why they didn’t define themselves as sorcerers
practicing sorcery which is the native western tradition. Some people answered that it
was neither commercial nor fashionable…

   Today, Indians enticed by White’s money are creating centers in Peruvian
Amazonia to experiment with ayahuasca which is a hallucinogenic plant. Making
use of this plant is dangerous. One can wonder if, by having experienced it,
fond of strong sensations western tourists have changed their life.

   Don Marcelino, a Man of Knowledge, doesn’t offer any Teaching.

   He has neither disciple nor Teaching Center and doesn’t grant any
Amerindian traditional medicine-man diplomas.
In consequence no one can claim
the right of following his ideas


   All is within you.

   The only thing Don Marcelino does is to reveal within you all the treasures sleeping
 in this marvelous being that you are.

  The western man:  his fears and superstitions.

    1- Fear of african traditions

   Western natives are afraid of being bewitched by african black magic.

   For this reason, there are more and more psycho-shamanic therapists and
exorcists, apparently armed to free them, as it were, by white magic.

 2- Superstition concerning the dead:

   The Westerner has to work on his fear caused by superstitions concerning the dead,
 in order to erase them.

   - Some examples of superstitions:

- To free:

              * The dead imprisoned in their emotional body or attached to
the energies of earth or even to free the living from the dead.

                  * A house, from the spirits of the Second World War soldiers who
  ignore their death, make them aware of the reality of their  violent death.

- To pray in order to help the dead to rise

- To heal places (houses, workshops…) full of heavy energies to which the
dead spirits remain attached.

What’s a Man of Knowledge  

    The Man of Knowledge is the Guardian of Earth but also he awakens the cosmic
Memory of the stars.

    The Man of Knowlegde knows everything is alive on this planet as well as linked to
the four genealogical trees
(family, humanity, Mother Earth, Stars Ancestors).

    The Man of Knowlegde is conscious of his own weakness and his own limitations.

    He knows that death teaches him that he’s just passing through into another life.

    He knows the unique thing which remains from his passage on Earth is the
print of Love he has left within each one he has met.


   The Man of Knowlegde  begins initiation by:

-  Encountering his own death

-  Being conscious he has to die

Blazing awareness that he has die to any form of power as well as to
the human being who understands everything, knows everything.

   This face to face with our own death frees us from the individual who needs to
be recognized, admired, appreciated.

   This is an everyday task throughout his journey on planet Earth.

Homage to the beautiful witches

Beautiful witches
You, who liked the moon, the trees
And the spirits of nature,
You, who filled the forests
With your songs and your dances,
You have been tortured and condemned to the stake.
You were the innocence
And the light of the world,
Darkness did not like your radiant beings.

The Indian would like to tell you
May your memory awaken again
May a new wind arise over Europe,
Peddling at last your voice
Beyond towns and countrysides,
Allowing the ancestral strings
Of human spirit, vibrate,
Within the sound of Nature
And wisdom, found once again.

My thanks, beautiful witches,
My silence and my solitude are completely filled by you