Amerindian Medicine  


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What is Amerindian medicine ?



   î Amerindian medicine is sacred, as are the traditional African, Chinese,   Indian, Arab and Celtic forms of medicine.

 “ Sacred medicine is one aspect of the universal cosmic memory
which, depending on the culture, takes on a specific form
but whose origin is always the same”.

       î Amerindian medicine has nothing new to teach the West which has its own Celtic tradition where cosmic knowledge was just as profound. It simply aims at reawakening this ancestral memory that the West has lost.

“Our body is a sacred temple.

To love one’s body is to love the Earth.

To ruin one’s body is to ruin the Earth”

     î This traditional medicine considers man holistically and dependent on his environment: the Cosmos, Earth, Nature, his relationships. Illness results from the breakdown in the harmony between man and his environment.

 “Why is man more ill than a bird,
a bison or a mountain lion?
Because he has broken the pact of harmony between the forces
by allowing negative thoughts into his mind
at a level that is often too deep to reach”.


       î There are three actors at work in Amerindian medicine:

-    energy (that you could call God, the Great Spirit or…)

-     the Amerindian doctor who revives the self-healing forces of the patient

-    the person consulting the doctor is the main actor. If he doesn’t sincerely want to change, nothing is possible.